Skin Zen is committed to carrying the best natural, botanical and organic products at affordable prices. We ensure that each and every product we sell, and each and every product we use during any of our services meet our high standards.


Eminence Organics


Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organics Skin Care is the most unique and effective line of natural skin care products on the market today. A complete line of European beauty essentials, which contain the highest possible levels of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables hand-selected to guarantee their highest quality.



Medical grade advanced skincare backed by science. SkinCeuticals has earned a strong reputation with the medical and professional skincare community worldwide by delivering complete skincare solutions to improve the skin.

Skin Zen Botanical Skincare

Skin Zen | Botanical Skincare

Our very own botanical skincare line that was specially formulated with botanical extracts and new technology ingredients to ensure performance and deliver results. Our skincare line is an affordable, paraben free line specifically designed using nature and science.

Skin Zen Natural Cosmetics

Skin Zen | Natural Cosmetics

Our natural cosmetics line was created for our customers that were looking for cosmetics that only contained natural ingredients. Our cosmetics line is not only made using all natural ingredients with superior staying power during those humid days, it is affordable and meets the needs of all skin types.

Why Organic, Natural, & Botanical Products?

Our skin, the largest eliminatory organ in the body and our first line of immunity, is permeable to all chemicals. Medical research shows that 60% of cosmetic and skincare ingredients, including carcinogenic substances, penetrate the skin and end up in the blood stream. Many chemicals in cosmetics and skincare don’t cause obvious signs of toxicity on the skin but slowly poison us thorough repeated use.

More and more of us are becoming aware of what we eat in terms of avoiding synthetic ingredients, so surely the same should apply to our skincare?

By using organic, natural and botanical products you can drastically reduce the amount of chemicals you absorb. You will see better results and receive long term benefits from an enormous range of products derived from nature, many of which have been used effectively for hundreds of years.